There’s nothing like waiting for a delivery with a 5 hour window at home, right, so after two cups of coffee and some brisk, caffeine induced pacing in front of the living room window, I grabbed a notebook and did some practice with contour lines. Well, for a minute, got bored, and turned the page.




So there. My contribution to the plethora of selfies on the internet. Not too bad for someone, who hasn’t practiced in a while, I suppose.

Sketching with graphite is kind of like carving a statue, moulding objects (and subjects) out of nothingness that is a white paper. A few lines are drawn here and there, fingers hold a pencil that hovers over the paper, draws invisible lines to map out the next possible line, and then presses more graphite on it. Perhaps the pencil gets changed to a blending stub for softer lines… or an eraser to bring out light in the subject/object. Or to blend. Just to mention a couple of things.

I see too many things in the graphite selfie I could keep working on, but that’s not really the point… it’s good enough for now. Hyperrealism used to be a goal of mine, right now I’m learning to let go of that, anyone can get there with enough practice, the exercise of rinse and repeat, but let’s say that… perhaps I will focus on honing the skills I’m already good at, one of them is lines, I love line drawing, quite passionate about it in fact. Just felt inferior looking at all the hyperrealistic art out there, like holy crap are those artists good, just that… my focus has shifted. For now at least.

There is a crude quality to my drawing, which I want to explore a bit more. Something I used to be ashamed of. Not that I have abandoned the more refined side of drawing, realism, but there are already so many people out there, who will do it so much better than I ever can. Perhaps I’ve been scared of evolving into my own (as an artist? Is that a word I’m allowed to use? Don’t even let me get into the politics of that bull crap), who knows, good things may come out of it, or perhaps I’m more scared of the alternative, that nothing does come out of it. Ever. Quite a finite thought.

Writing and drawing. Drawing and writing. Somehow, I want to combine the two, and the defining word here is somehow, no idea how I’m going to do that, or what I’m doing, but here’s to hoping that the answer will be waiting to be stumbled upon across along the way.

And where the heck is my delivery. Been like 3 hours now, but if I do step out just for two minutes, I will find a note on the door, informing the recipient that the package can now be picked up at the post office, because no one was home at the time of delivery.

Time for another cup of coffee I guess, and some more practice with how to shape things out of graphite, or white paper to be exact.