An Art Journal Entry: A 22nd Century Aino Inspired by Kalevala.

“Aino” and “22nd Century Aino”. Two drawings on the same subject juxtaposed. Early Concepts. The left image is from 2017. The right one is from 2020.

2020. March – Aino Is Becoming.

Three years ago I was watching TV and drawing whatever. The show on the tube was not keeping my mind busy enough. So, what did I do? I pulled out my phone and found a random picture of girl to draw.

The image on the left is a loose drawing on her likeness, a second rendition of her that I reworked the beginning of this year. Basically I attempted to stylize her a bit and called it a day. I just decided to call her Aino and be done with it.

Fun fact: My husband Alex (whom I consider one of my inspirations skill wise within the techniques of pencil drawing and oil painting) asked me about ten years ago that … “Why are you concentrating so much on drawing realistically? That is so whatever, you have a blossoming style, develop that”, he was referring to my drawing I titled “Piano Man” once upon a time.

In 2020, the year of the rat (my Chinese zodiac sign), I drew her again, the image on the right side. And this time she had metamorphosed into a woman. And there was an entire story echoing around her – weeping to be listened to.

My Aino lives in a 22nd century world in the North. The last bastion of organic life on Planet Earth. And a mechanic army is marching toward that forest.

A general in an army of the forest. And her hero’s journey tells the story of “The Last March of the Forest”. A novella I am working on around her character. A few more voices have risen within this story. Two more characters that are staring right back at me. Mouthing words, whispering tales. And I see them. I am listening.

There are moving pictures in my head. Sounds, smells, textures I can touch. Scenes I turn in 3D in the eye of my mind. A film I see so clearly that I fast-forward and rewind.

The past two decades I have spent collecting images and references for my visual library, tools for my storytelling. And they are beginning to pay off. But I need to catch up on skills within techniques of drawing and painting.

So. Early concepts. A starting point. Her name is Aino. And she has a story to tell. Inspired by the national epic of Finland, Kalevala and brought to a future world, she leads an entire army in an alternative fantasy timeline. I stare at a while wall in this apartment my husband and I live in, and project images onto it. Possible scenarios to draw and paint.

She is becoming.

To be continued.

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