The Purple Book sketches are from my personal diary that over the years became more like a sketchbook than a journal. Those years were almost like an artistic renaissance in my 20’s, and I have to admit I do look back on that time through a rose tinted periscope.

Sketching with ink pens became a deep interest of mine, lines specifically. The fast pace and fluid dynamics were fascinating, no room for second thoughts, do or die attitude, to put it in more theatrical terms. It was a race to keep up with all the flashes of pictures I had.

To this day I browse through the pages of my “Purple Book” with a bit of a broken heart every now and then. I wish to draw again with such freedom I had back then. Nostalgia and sentiment are fine in small doses, but a yearning for future adventures is better. After the Purple Book comes the Green Book. I hope to share the contents of it soon 🙂
Artwork-Behemothwebsize Sketch


Sketch4        Sketch5

Sketch6  Sketch7

Sketch8 Sketch9

Sketch10 Sketch11 Sketch12

Sketch3 Sketch2



Beauty bordering on black magic
Beauty bordering on black magic
Selfie 2016
Selfie 2016

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