I write, draw and live life somewhere in between 😛

If you follow me on any social media, then you’ll know the reference, although it’s been more about the living life part in the recent years than about the other two aforementioned activities.

I call it collecting source material. Others may try and call it a prime example of procrastination. Don’t believe a word of it! Hearsay. Heresy. Heretics.

Or practitioners of hard reality checks, whatever is your jam.

Pencil, ink, I’m currently dabbling in digital media. A bit of oil and mixed media. Oh god, it’s starting to sound like a bit of a mess, isn’t it? But I assure you, it is all coming together.

I never stopped drawing or writing during my years of online absence. But I did quit social media for years.

So, what changed in 2020? I begun holding myself accountable publicly for finishing projects. And so far I feel like it’s working for me.

I have more work available on Instagram @heylaurae that relates to my personal projects, including sketches. My portfolio on heilaura.com has work that I consider more on the spectrum of being finished, including works pre 2020.

Now click away!